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Haters t-shirt

Jekyllhyde Apparel

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If you've been a fan or follower of JH for a while, you've likely heard this story and know the significance of this design. If you're not familiar, keep reading.

In the beginning, the beginning of anything, the road is difficult, especially business. There are so many roadblocks, you doubt yourself, people don't take you seriously and some even hope you fail. The first year or so of Jekyllhyde was fueled by 2 things; Hate and Desperation. Desperate not to go back to the 9-5 corporate life and hate for all the people that said I couldn't make it, the ones that smile to your face and then talked behind my back or laughed when I explained the idea of the company. I hated it to the core, it made my physically upset when I thought about it.

I posted this mantra all over my house. There were several and I could see this saying from pretty much anywhere I was in my house. They were written on a blank shipping labels. When I got tired of folding t-shirts in the living room, I would see this. When I was cross eyed from watching videos on how to start a business, I would see this. When I wanted to throw in the towel (happened several times) I would see this.

Now, some say ignore the haters, I can't. I don't choose what motivates me but I'm sure as hell going to use it. So, to all the haters then, now and in the future, thank you, you've helped build this success story. No one really believes you can, that's why you have to.

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Lightweight and soft, the shirt feels like one you've had your whole life. 4.2 oz. 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon.