The beginning

With a love for fitness and a desire to better our lives, we started JH in 2012 in the basement of our Michigan home with less than two thousand dollars. Fast forward to today. We provide a few good people with employment, give to charity and still have that same desire to better our lives ALONG with other lives as well.

We focus on 3 main components: High quality, fair prices and fast shipping.

So, if you enjoy supporting small businesses and the pursuit of the American dream, we would love for you to check us out.

The Concept: A twist on the classic tale, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HYDE...

Most of us aren't pro athletes- We're teachers, carpenters, stay-at-home moms, and everything in between. That's our Jekyll. But when we get in the gym, on a bike, or just lace up those running shoes... something changes- A transformation occurs. The weight suddenly feels lighter. Your mile feels fast and easy. You can crush any workout thrown your way in the blink of an eye. That's our HYDE. We can relate to both, but we tend to like the HYDE in ourselves a bit more.

Here at JekyllHYDE Apparel we're all Functional Fitness athletes. That's our sport and we love it! And although we all come from an incredibly diverse athletic background, it's that diversity in our life experiences that fuels our unique appreciation for ALL sports! We support any athlete, from bodybuilders and triathletes to cyclists and underwater basket weavers. If you do it with passion and strive for personal improvement each and every day, we salute you.

When it comes to the JekyllHYDE line of fitness and athletic apparel, JekyllHYDE Apparel was founded by athletes for athletes. All of our designs are original, edgy, and unique, and are a reflection of the fearless monster lurking in all us. We put a lot of thought into our own experiences when it comes to fit and comfort while training, so every item has been carefully designed to support our passion- pushing the limits of mental toughness and physical fitness.
"From the movie Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1931)