When choosing the best workout apparel, originality, details, and authenticity matter.

When choosing the best workout apparel, originality, details, and authenticity matter.

Anyone on the internet can slap a stock image or logo on a cotton blend Hanes t-shirt and call it “workout apparel.” That’s not the business we’re in. JekyllHyde isn’t stock. We’re not a cookie-cutter copy of every other hyped-up brand you see while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. At JekyllHyde, originality matters. Authenticity matters. Details matter.

We operate right out of our home base in metro-Detroit, Michigan. We’re a hardworking, ambitious, local fitness apparel company that doesn’t sell ourselves out or short. We design original gym clothes and motivational workout shirts for athletes that don’t fuck around. When you pull our barbell-inspired shirts over your head before a workout, you’re experiencing something that took time and effort to build–just like you.

When we started this nearly 10 years ago, we had three main ideas in mind for fitness apparel: high quality, fair prices, and fast shipping. A lot has changed in a decade, but our principles certainly haven’t. The difference between us and every other generic brand on Amazon is that we aren’t here to waste your time and hard-earned money. We respond to our DMs daily, we ship out orders every day (yes, even on Saturdays), and we don’t keep you waiting on inventory that doesn’t exist. 

Listen–most of us aren’t professional athletes. We’re everyday teachers, carpenters, stay-at-home moms, and everything in between. JekyllHyde isn’t here to fluff up your ego with baseless claims. When you support us, you’re supporting a company that has worked its way from the ground up. Our designs are unique and edgy, crafted to reflect the monster lurking in all of us. We wear our own shirts to the gym, because we believe in our own internal Jekyll and Hyde.

We don’t sell you anything we wouldn’t be proud to put on our own backs, and that’s a promise.