The Monster Inside vs. Facebook Memories

The Monster Inside vs. Facebook Memories

We change constantly throughout our lifetime. Our interests change, our friends and priorities change, and our bodies change. When you’re punched in the face with a digital reminder of how you once looked 5, 10, or even 20 years ago, it’s tough not to be bothered by it. Even the JekyllHyde owner, Tim, has been rudely awakened by memories of Facebook past.

“This week, Facebook delivered me a picture of myself in the way of Facebook memories, and to be perfectly honest, it made me upset. The picture is of me, shirtless, competing at CF central east regionals circa 2012. You can see every ab, rib, cut, muscle fiber, etc. etc…and I simply don’t look like that anymore.”

We’ve all been through that. But while our outer monster might shift over the years, the inner one is just as strong as the day it was born. JekyllHyde’s purpose is to remind you that you’re a fucking badass, regardless if you don’t squat as much weight as you did at 19 years old. When you put on our workout gear that quite literally tells you not to quit, you’re reminded of that same fire and passion. Fitness apparel should make you feel and perform your best at every stage of your gym journey. 

“People tell me, ‘That was over 10 years ago,’ or ‘You run a successful business and you’re busy,’ or “You’re getting older.’ And while those statements are true, they’re lame excuses.”

Visual reminders of how we used to look are there to motivate us, not defeat us. Motivational fitness gear also helps give us a little kick in the ass when we need it. When you feel like a monster, you train like one. 

“I’m committing to getting back to as close to that picture as I possibly can. People might say, ‘Why? Let it go.’ My response? Because I fucking want to, that’s why. You let it go, not me.”

Do you have a similar experience? Wake your monster back up, and let’s get to work.