The Importance of Shopping Local – Gym Apparel Edition

The Importance of Shopping Local – Gym Apparel Edition

We’d hope you know us pretty well by now, but if not, hey–we’re JekyllHyde. We’re a team of bodybuilders, powerlifters, Functional fitness athletes, and all-around gym junkies. We train hard so we can play just as hard, and we believe in the impact of good, honest work. It all started in the basement of our Michigan home in 2012 with the goal of creating awesome gym apparel for our local community. We’ve graduated from the basement since then, but our values haven’t changed one bit.

Supporting a small local business (like us!) doesn’t just do good for your own conscience, it does good for the entire surrounding community. When you shop local, you’re helping create more jobs in your area. Since the 1970s, more than 65% of new jobs have come from the rise in small businesses. You’re also helping out the environment by reducing the transportation costs and pollution impacts of moving goods from one place to another. 

We could list all our JekyllHyde favorites right now, but let’s focus on the local stuff. Our Spartan tees let you show off from the gym to the football game tailgate. If baseball is more your style, our Tigers tee is perfect for repping your team in and out of the stadium. Or, if you want to pay homage to your Detroit roots, our Spirit of Detroit tee is a rendition of one of the most iconic symbols in the state.

When you wear JekyllHyde, you get to express individuality in your gym apparel. How many times have you walked into your local gym to find countless replicas of the same Gym Shark and Lululemon shirts? When you sport your JekyllHyde gear, you’re wearing unique tees and tanks with designs that can’t be rivaled by monstrous corporations. Plus, you look cool as hell. 

Allow us to tug on your heartstrings for a moment. If you’re into giving back, we’ve got you. Shopping local gym apparel from businesses like us gives us the opportunity to take a portion of those profits and recirculate it back into nearby causes. Our Streetlights tees directly benefit a local Detroit program that promotes mentorship and fitness training for youth in our neighborhoods. If you’ve got a furry friend at home, our Pitbull and Kitty Power shirts are dedicated to supporting local animal shelters. What’s better than gym apparel that’s not only unique to your city, but also supports nearby nonprofits and charitable organizations? 

Trick question.