Get Rid of “Perfect” | JekyllHyde Lifting Apparel

Get Rid of “Perfect” | JekyllHyde Lifting Apparel

Do you like the things you do to be perfect? Yeah, me too. 

But here’s the cold, hard truth: they never are and they probably never will be. At least not by society’s standards. That’s right, perfection is mostly a myth.

JekyllHyde is no exception to the rule. For example, I could spend hours on end tweaking a bunch of designs for our lifting apparel, playing with colors, editing email or website layouts, etc… but what I realized early on was that it was kind of my way of not putting my ideas out there to the public. I didn’t want them out in the open. For JekyllHyde products to be criticized, to be bought, or not. That way, I could stay in my own private bubble of wanting it to be "perfect" and have zero negative feedback from anyone. However, it wasn't helping me move this lifting apparel business forward. In fact, it was doing quite the opposite; it was slowing our collective progress down. Hell no. Never again.

Listen–I'm not saying to just throw some random thoughts, ideas, and products out there for the world to see without giving it some thought and attention to detail. That isn’t how JekyllHyde’s lifting apparel collections came to be. 

What I am saying is, don't let the idea of perfection be your excuse for not moving forward. In the grand scheme of the cosmic universe, we're such a small speck, so stop putting so much pressure on yourself and go out there and crush the day–for you and your own experiences.

Sometimes “done” is better than perfect. 

Jekyllhyde Owner

Tim VanDeusen